Pelican Cafe and Beach

The Pelican Cafe became the city of Stuart’s first licensed pet-friendly restaurant on Sept. 12, 2008. Following

are some of our Pets and Their Owners. If you have a picture of your Pet that shows your Pelican Cafe visit and you would like to share, please send it to us with a brief note along with your names to: 

Zampa returned again in Sept. 2018 and we got a bit more on the back story  It seems the husband wanted a dog and the wife wanted a cat. They settled on Zampa instead. It's a little hard to see, but Zampa has a HUGE smile on her snout for the camera.

The Welsh women enjoying a lovely

lunch at the Pelican Cafe 

This is Kiah,  a 2 year old Silky Terrier. She loves playing in the sand at Pelican Cafe!!

Definitely a first! This is a picture of the lovely Sasha who is a rescue Umbrella Cockatoo. Sasha and her owners, Bob and Sherri Resner, enjoying their visit this afternoon! Thank you so much for joining us!

Sharyn sent this picture of Miss Bella in

her Parrothead guise.

Tony said: Meetzaus had a great time, we had a great meal and she even got water and a occasional french fry last night. Thanks to all, over favorite spot on the Treasure Coast.

One of our frequent visitors,

the Florida Ibis.

Nancy having dinner at Pelican Cafe with

my two favorite boys!!

Gotta love that Pet Friendly attitude! 🐾 💕

This is Fuzzy and Punkin. Their human is Chris, who has been dining with us for several years.

SHARE Shepherd Help and Rescue "Great Happy Hour in Stuart"

Bonnie Giacovelli emailed this picture of Kermit and Fozzie Bear. I happen to be disabled and Kermit is my service dog and Fozzie is in training. It is always wonderful to find pet friendly places to eat where my dogs just get to be themselves and not have to work. The atmosphere and the food were just wonderful and we will definitely come again. 

All the time!

Wendy and Stephen White said: "Cooper's favorite place and ours too! Absolutely the best dog friendliness!"

Robin said: "Gumbo the wonder dog visits Pelican Cafe". "Gumbo is a Resident of Hollywood FL and really enjoys her visits to Stuart". 

May 2017 brought us our first Pot Belly Pig. Zampa. She was awesome. gentle and so much fun.

Cordula Ziemann sent us these pictures from 2 visits with the following comments:  We love coming to visit

you guys with our dane gang.  Thanks for always being so welcoming and the great food.

Andy Kadak with his dog Kiley enjoying a “wonderful lunch” on the Pelican Beach.

A small group of Ibis taking a break from all the children trying to play and catch them. We always say "please don't feed the birds" but they are such a novelty for so many who have never seen this type of bird up close and personal before. We are fortunate to have great and beautiful birds always close by.

Gabrielle sent this pic along with a note saying: Amigo had a great time at pelican cafe and enjoyed his meat patty! We will definitely be back with our fur baby.

This beautiful Green Wing Macaw, named Davidson, belongs to Bob and Sherri Resner. They are frequent visitors and often come with several of their other totally awesome birds.