Pelican Cafe and Beach


Don't see your favorite entertainer on our calendar? Just click here to find out where they are:

Jonathan Cummings

Join us Wednesday, July 4, 2018 for the best viewing location of fireworks on the Saint Lucie River. We will start taking reservations in June and we sell out every year.

Jon Prestage

Abby Owens

Ken & Summer Gill

    A monthly Full Moon Party in progress!


*Please note - Coupons are not accepted on Full Moon Party nights. 

The Old Hippies

Cody Rutland

Summer Gill

Nouveaux Honkies

David Goodman

Carla Holbrook (with Carlos Santana)

Entertainment Calendar

All times from 6 to 9 PM unless noted differently.

August 2018
Friday, August 3 – Cody Rutland
Saturday, August 4 – David Goodman

Friday, August 10 – Josh Horton
Saturday, August 11 – Cody Rutland

Friday, August 17 – Cody Rutland
Saturday, August 18 – David Goodman

Friday, August 24 – Jonathan Cummings

Saturday, August 26 – Laura Tullier 

*Sunday, August 26 - Full Moon Party

with Summer Gill

5 to 8 PM

*No Coupons for this event

September 2018
Saturday, September 1 – David Goodman

Friday, September 7 – Victoria Leigh
Saturday, September 8 – Laura Tullier

Friday, September 14 – Cody Rutland
Saturday, September 15 – David Goodman

Friday, September 21 – Jonathan Cummings
Saturday, September 22 – Abby Owens

*Sunday, September 23 – Xander James

Full Moon Party – Moon Rise 6:47 PM

Friday, September 28 – Jon Prestage
Saturday, September 29 – David Goodman

*Please note coupons are not accepted

for Full Moon Parties