A Beautiful Evening - by Bo Chambers.

Karena and Kambiz in the picture on the left live in Stuart and also in the Abruzzo mountains in Italy, called Introdacqua. Their friends are in the picture on the right. They came prepared on a cool January 2019 evening to listen to the Nouveaux Honkies. What we find fun and funny is there was a man at the next table to them who was wearing a light sweatshirt and shorts. We can really tell the locals from our seasonal visitors as the man in the shorts was from Michigan. It was a great Friday night – thank you for bundling up to join us!

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Friday night following Hurricane Irma in Sept. 2017.

Lots of rain from one of the feeder bands from Hurricane Issac in August 2012.

We love this painting by artist/humorist Kendra Deltano titled" What's On the Menu?" "spoken" by the nervous pelican on the left.

Photo by Joanne Granese:  I shot this photo the morning of

October 5, 2013 just after sunrise. Mostly I shoot wildlife but this photo of your restaurant is one of my favorites.

Pelican Cafe and Beach

After the storm - by Tom Daly.

A beautiful evening by Jeff Malvin.

Deb Barnett sent this photo and said “My husband and I visited your cafe last and had a wonderful time! We noticed so many beautiful photos of the scenery, I thought I would send a photo of the wonderful food!! Thank you and we'll be back!”

Low Tide - by Erin Weinberg.

White caps on the St. Lucie River as Hurricane Sandy was passing by and headed north on October 25, 2012.

Beautiful picture by Gwen Kelling Mirman.

A very stylish decorating idea from Tammy Lee Bradley.